Engineering Services

Miller Engineering provides structural, forensic, and building enclosure services for residential homes and commercial buildings.  See how Miller is Bridging the Gap in today’s industry.


Miller Engineering has provided structural engineering services for over 3,500 projects to date. We have experience in large and small projects from simple residential inspections to multi-million dollar facilities. Our firm regularly services a broad range of business categories.


As long as there are gravity, wind, hail, earthquakes, poor soil, fire, snow, and poor maintenance there will be a need for forensic engineers. This ever evolving field of engineering involves analyzing building or building component failures, as well as assessing and quantifying building damage. These services can range from a simple diagnosis of the problem to developing complete repair documents.


Our industry is in a phase where there are more building products than ever before for the exterior, roof and facade of a building enclosure. This puts an additional work load on the design professionals, contractors, and product representatives to resolve how all of these products will interface to create a functional waterproof envelope around the building. Our building enclosure consulting team works with owners, local architects, contractors, and product representatives to ensure the detailing of these product interfaces will achieve the highest performing building enclosure feasible for our clients.


These test methods are used as a forensic tool as well as a quality assurance measure to assess fenestrations on new and/or existing structures. Miller combines these testing services with thermal assessments in order to further delineate water & air leak sources that may manifest as a result of these tests, and provide more specific repair recommendations.