Forensic Engineering

So, what is forensic engineering? This is a lesser known field of engineering which involves determining the cause of a product, material or system failure as well as performing damage assessments.  Think of it like CSI for your home or office and we specialize in both residential and commercial.

Here are just a few of our firm’s specialty areas

  • All types of structural failure

  • Failing of cracked foundations

  • Failing of cracked interior or exterior walls of buildings

  • Assessing damage from hail, water, fire, and high wind events such as thunderstorms & tornadoes

  • Assessing fire damage

  • Moisture infiltration

  • Construction defect analysis

  • Material failure analysis

  • HUD/FHA/VA Manufactured Home Foundation Inspection & Certifications

We offer high quality, cost effective services complete with easy to understand analysis reports to Owners, Facility Managers, Maintenance Managers, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Insurance Companies, Realtors, Attorney’s in the form of:

  • Site inspections/testing

  • Documentation reviews

  • Written forensic reports

  • Technical consultations

  • Drawings

  • Expert testimony and litigation support

Our expertise is broad and deep, capable of withstanding scrutiny. Our forensic experts have the expertise necessary to determine cause and responsibility; by identifying the nature and extent of damage or loss and provide a full range of solutions to protect their assets. We will deliver certainty to our clients when they need it most.

Miller Engineering is Bridging the Gap

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