Lana Stephens


In her role as the Director of Operations at Miller Engineering, Lana is committed to ensuring optimal performance while elevating the operational strategy. She champions a culture of continuous improvement by fostering teamwork, encouraging innovation, and implementing best practices. Serving as the in-office IT liaison, Lana effectively integrates cutting-edge technology solutions to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. With her keen eye for detail and results-driven mindset, Lana consistently strives to elevate the overall performance of our structural engineering team.

On the marketing front, Lana leads with creativity and foresight. Through innovative campaigns and purposeful goals, she ensures Miller Engineering stands out in a competitive landscape, attracting clients and partners who appreciate the synergy of cutting-edge engineering and visionary marketing. Lana also takes on the role of the firm’s talent acquisition coordinator.

Lana’s journey with Miller Engineering began in July 2015 as a drafter and forensic investigator while also managing front office reception. With over 14 years of experience in structural engineering, Lana’s career started at ARIS Engineering, where she trained as an intermediate drafter & forensic investigator. She obtained her Associate’s Degree of Science in Design and Drafting Technology at Ozarks Technical Community College in 2017 and is proficient in various software, including Revit, AutoCAD, and Inventor. Lana’s dedication and ambition led to her promotion to Director of Production in 2020, followed by her current role as Director of Operations & Marketing Strategist in 2024.

Beyond her professional achievements, Lana enjoys quality time with her family, friends, and her spirited dogs, Colt & Indy Blue. Known as “Ms. Stephens”, Lana holds the position of adjunct drafting instructor at Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, Missouri. Her interests include reading, cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals & Indianapolis Colts, and proudly holding the title of Miller Engineering’s 2023 Fantasy Football Champion.

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